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Joint Spray

The joint spray developed for dogs and cats, contains MSM, glucosamine and organic boswellia and is a perfect preventive and additional treatment of rheumatic diseases…

Wound Spray

The medicinal spray developed for dogs, cats and small mammals contains an optimal combination of nano-silver and tea tree oil. Ideal for use as additional treatment of minor wounds, injuries and bites and to support long lasting skin protection…

Paw Cream

The medicinal cream developed for the protection of dog’s and cat’s foot pads protects and cares injured skin exposed to harsh weather conditions. In winter, foot pads are endangered by ice and salt on the roads, in summer by hot pavement. The waterproof cream prevents skin dryness and injuries.

Tick spray

Tick, mosquito and other insect repellent spray with pure natural herbal oils for dogs and cats…

Eye cleaner

Antibacterial eye cleansing liquid with natural herbal ingredients for pets. It helps to ease irritated, tearful eyes or prevent bacterial infection…

Ear Cleaner

Medical ear cleansing solution with natural chamomile, colloidal silver, panthenol and boric acid for the care and long-term protection of irritated, odorous ears, earwax. Its regular use helps to prevent bacterial or other infections of the ears.

Our standards



Our products are developed by our own pharmacologist team with the involvement of veterinarians.



Our products are suitable for all fur and skin types independently of the breed



An optimal combination of herbal extracts and oils mutually strengthening each other’s effects due to their special synergy.

No preservative

Our products do not contain preservatives. Shelf life is provided naturally.

No colourant

The natural herbal ingredients give the colour of our products, no artificial colouring agents are used.


We guarantee that our products and the used ingredients have not been tested on animals.

About us

PetMED by Dr.Kelen - Take care of your pets naturally

Our mission is to ensure that our dogs and cats can enjoy the freedom of health with the help of our natural veterinary medicinal products, by combining nature and science.  The PetMED product group of Dr.Kelen is the result of the expertise of four generations of doctors and pharmacists combined with the involvement of veterinarians and petowners. In accordance with the general principles of Dr.Kelen, our PetMED products are also free from preservatives, artificial fragrance and colourants, as our pets also deserve the best!

Our Dr.Kelen PetMED veterinary products are manufactured from carefully controlled ingredients of excellent quality in an ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 GMP compliant manufacturing plant, complying with the strict requirements of the Hungarian National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH).

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Shaving during the examinations was a constant problem for Mandy, because her extra-sensitive skin reddened in huge itchy spots. Since we have been using PetMED's product, this symptom has completely disappeared right after the examination, so I started using it right away for the next big jaw surgery. The wound healed very nicely and surprisingly quickly even for the doctors. Since then, it has been a constant part of the home pharmacy, which I sometimes use for my own injuries. It doesn't sting, it doesn't burn, and the smell disappears within a few minutes.

Dalia Szandra – Kutya Guru Dogschool

PetMED paw cream is our favorite. After 2-3 uses, my Havanese dog's previously rough paw pads became soft and smooth. At first I was worried that he wouldn't let the lotion on or lick it off, but he soon realized that I was applying it for his benefit.

Vivien és Odry

I'm so glad I discovered PetMED joint spray. My dog ​​is quite old, but he has become much better-tempered and more mobile since I have been blowing him regularly. Fortunately, he is not afraid of the spray either. It is reassuring that it is made from natural ingredients.

Kántor Angéla

In my dog ​​boarding house, I keep the health of my guests in mind, and PetMED products are a huge help in this!

The second time I had the two older Yorkshire terrier dogs, whose joints I had to pay particular attention to, because the first time the older (15-year-old) Dodo went home with arthritis due to the gravel yard. So when they signed up with me for 10 days, I also ordered the joint protection spray in addition to the wound treatment spray! I sprayed the paws of Dodo and Hamika with the preparation every day and thanks to this, the owners got their dogs back in their original condition, even with a lot of playing and crawling on the gravel!

Thank you very much for the great products!

Csorba Kitti- LakiDog dog school and boarding house

We tried the PetMED wound spray and paw cream, both of which I had a very good experience with. I apply it to my dog's paws before and after every walk, since then it is much softer and I also love the natural herbal scent of the cream. Fortunately, Sussi has no objection either ???? Fortunately, we only had to use the wound spray once so far. It is very practical to use and it healed the scratching much faster.

B. Laura

My dog ​​and two cats like to wrestle, and small "friendly" bites and scratches are quite common, so we always have PetMED wound spray ready. I can see that this heals the battle injuries faster and I am calmer that it does not get infected.

T. Janka, owner of Lord, Negro and Gina


Every owner knows that their pet sometimes gets minor scratches or wounds. Most of the time we don’t even notice the injury because the hair covers it…

Unfortunately, as we age, our pets are not immune to various locomotor diseases, the tissues surrounding the joint can degenerate in the case of small animals as well…

Protecting the feet of our pets plays an essential role in their everyday life. It is also used for running and scratching, and it is also important…

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