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Natural veterinary products


Joint spray

The joint spray developed for dogs and cats, contains MSM, glucosamine and organic boswellia and is a perfect preventive and additional treatment of rheumatic diseases…

Wound Spray

The medicinal spray developed for dogs, cats and small mammals contains an optimal combination of nano-silver and tea tree oil. Ideal for use as additional treatment…

Paw Cream

The medicinal cream developed for the protection of dog’s and cat’s foot pads protects and cares injured skin exposed to harsh weather conditions. In winter, foot pads are endangered by ice and salt on the roads, in summer by hot pavement…

Our standards



Our products are developed by our own pharmacologist team with the involvement of veterinarians.



Our products are suitable for all fur and skin types independently of the breed.



An optimal combination of herbal extracts and oils mutually strengthening each other’s effects due to their special synergy.

No preservative


Our products do not contain preservatives. Shelf life is provided naturally.

No colourant


The natural herbal ingredients give the colour of our products, no artificial colouring agents are used.



We guarantee that our products and the used ingredients have not been tested on animals.

About us

PetMED by Dr.Kelen - Take care of your pets naturally

Our mission is to ensure that our dogs and cats can enjoy the freedom of health with the help of our natural veterinary medicinal products, by combining nature and science.  The PetMED product group of Dr.Kelen is the result of the expertise of four generations of doctors and pharmacists combined with the involvement of veterinarians and petowners. In accordance with the general principles of Dr.Kelen, our PetMED products are also free from preservatives, artificial fragrance and colourants, as our pets also deserve the best!

Our Dr.Kelen PetMED veterinary products are manufactured from carefully controlled ingredients of excellent quality in an ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 GMP compliant manufacturing plant, complying with the strict requirements of the Hungarian National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH).

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-Natural veterinary products for horses-


Minden gazdi tudja, hogy kedvencükön előfordul néha kisebb horzsolás vagy seb. Legtöbbször észre sem vesszük a sérülést, mert a szőr eltakarja azt…

A kor előrehaladtával sajnos kedvenceinket sem kerülik el a különböző mozgásszervi betegségek, az ízületet körülvevő szövetek a kisállatok esetében is degenerálódhatnak….

Kedvenceink lábainak védelme elengedhetetlenül fontos szerepet játszik mindennapjaikban. Futásra, kaparásra is használják, mindemellett fontos…

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